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PMI Portland Chapter is proud to offer an automated job posting service as part of our commitment to provide value to our PMI Portland Chapter members. This is a free service to both employers and to current PMI Portland Chapter members.

How does it work?

Job Seekers must be current PMI Portland Chapter members and must subscribe to this service. After they subscribe, they may opt to automatically receive Job Postings via email, or can view postings on the website.  (See Disclaimers, below.)

Employers do not need to be PMI Portland members, nor do they pay a fee for this service. They merely send a message describing the job opening to a specific email address.  After the message is approved it is distributed as-is to the hundreds of subscribed Project Management professionals who are actively seeking employment. For instructions, see Post a Job.

How to Subscribe

PMI Portland Chapter members only

If you just joined the Chapter within the past two weeks or so, see Disclaimers below.

  1. Log in to the PMI Portland website (read the Login and Account Info for details).
  2. Click on My Profile at the top.
  3. Click on the >My E-Lists tab.  The Job Posting E-List is listed under the heading E-Lists Available to Join.
  4. Select Subscribe.  A dialog box will open.
    • If you want to receive posted messages via email, check the Email Delivery box. (You will also be able to view messages by logging in to the E-List system on the website.)
    • The Notification Email Address field will default with your profile email address. You can change it if you want to receive Job Posting email at a different address. There must be an email address in this field, even if you do not want Email delivery.
  5. The Job Posting E-List will now appear under the heading Subscribed E-Lists.
  6. You may unsubscribe at any time.
  7. Edit your email delivery and email address preferences by clicking the Edit link.
  8. Click on the Job Posting E-List name to:
    • Post a message (this is a moderated list–message must be approved before being distributed)
    • View posted messages
    • View member list

See E-List Signup Process for complete instructions.


  • Ensure that your email provider and/or the email program you use will allow emails from and All emails will come from these addresses, but if you can allow all mail from this email address AND from its subdomains, this will help ensure your job posting emails are not tagged as spam.
  • Post your resume on the PMI Global Career Headquarters web page.
  • To unsubscribe: log in to the site, select My Profile > My E-Lists and click on the Unsubscribe link next to the Job Posting E-List.


  • Chapter membership information is imported regularly from PMI Global and it may take up to 2 weeks for new member accounts to be created in our database.
  • If you’re a new member without an account and need to be able to log in immediately (to register for an event that is closing, for example), click here for detailed instructions.  
  • If your Chapter membership lapses, you will be removed from the Job Posting service.




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