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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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4:00  Registration table opens
4:30  Educational presentation
5:30  Networking
5:35  New member welcome meeting
6:00  Dinner & announcements
7:00  Keynote presentation


Doubletree Lloyd Center, 1000 NE Multnomah, Portland, Oregon

Pick up your parking voucher at the registration table–Parking is FREE!

February Menu

Three Hour Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, Herb Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables


Curried Spinach and Potato Cakes with Tomato Chutney, Garbanzo Bean Cassoulet, Steamed Kale and Lemon Cilantro Aioli

Praline Tart


 Keynote Presentation

Development of an International PMO at SolarWorld: A short case study highlighting motivation, deployment, functionality, and observations.

Scott Haight, former Head of the PMO and Planning and Investment Manager at SolarWorld, presents on developing an international portfolio and project management capabilities at SolarWorld. Scott outlines the development and standardization of project and portfolio management, using the PMBOK as a source of material, observations of establishing a PMO, and essential aspects of success.

 scott haight photo

About the Speaker

Scott Haight, PhD, PMP, has over 17 years of high tech industry experience and has held various technical and management roles managing projects, programs, and portfolios for Intel, SolarWorld, and FEI Company. Scott is currently a Sr. R&D Program Manager at FEI Company where he manages the development of capital equipment serving the semiconductor and data storage industries.


 Educational Presentation

Problem Solving: What hat are you wearing?

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Edward de Bono Throughout our careers as project managers, we have had to deal with problems on projects, on teams, in organizations. Sometimes problems can be highly emotional and need different techniques for solving or decision making. This session will introduce you to the Six Thinking Hats a concept developed by Edward de Bono. Instead of having debates from individuals different perspectives, this approach allows the project team to share their opinions in an organized, constructive approach that moves the topic forward to a decision or recommended solution. Join us for this interactive session to learn (and experience) the Six Thinking Hats. Walk away with a different problem solving technique to add to your project management tool kit! (This topic was a popular session at the 2014 PMI North America Leadership Institute Meeting in Phoenix.)

 Connie Plowman photo

About the Speaker

Connie Plowman, PMP, past president for PMI-Portland. Connie is a volunteer leader, education leader and corporate leader. As an active volunteer leader in PMI, Connie has held multiple board positions for PMI-Portland, Region 1 Mentor, Leadership Institute Advisory Group (LIAG), a graduate of PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class in 2007, PMI Professional Awards Program Member Advisory Group, and numerous global committees. Today, Connie serves on the PMI Chapter Member Advisory Group (CMAG). As an education leader, she served as the Interim Executive Director of the CLIMB Center for Advancement, Portland Community College  the largest institution for higher education in Oregon. Today, she teaches (part-time) project management classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels, creating our future project managers. As a corporate leader, Connie was the Chief Operating Officer with Cadence Management Corporation, international project management training and consulting firm. Her career spanned over 22 years with Cadence, a Registered Education Provider for PMI. She spent 12 years with IBM Corporation. Her current career: retire, un-retire, retire, un-retire!

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